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Wine produced outside of India has Indian Name on the label.

But recently I have been noticing few wines are produced outside of India shows Indian Names on the wine label. Kama sutra Wines and Somrus wines (
On the picture) from Australia, Namesta wines from Portland, USA. It is very interesting to me that some of these wines are mainly targets Indians around the world also the tying to sell it in India.

General rule or expectation about the wine label: In “old world” wine producing countries like France, Italy or Spain normally keep the Wine label name that represents the Region or Variety. You can easily identify wine producing region from reading one or two words from that label. Namely Burgundy, Burgundy is the place from France, so one can tell easily it is a French Wine. Some times by reading the brand Name of the product you can tell easily the region of the wine.

In the "new world", like US, Australia, New Zealand, Chile and Argentina etc, follows the simple Labeling structure. There are some countries has some laws specifically to state the places, varieties and appellation etc on the labels.

Like Sula Wines or Grover Wines. These names are family names and very familiar in India. The expectation of these wines is from India. This is just an expectation.

For Trade Mark purpose, marketing strategy or business reason some wineries keeps the wine names differently.

Wine enthusiastic or wine experts will look for all the information in the label, but first time/regular wine buyers may buy the wine by just reading the brand name and variety label. They may not see the wine producing region, most of the time the producing region written in small letters or back side of the label.

Names are very important to the wines, keeping the names right name may attract the consumers successfully. Sometime it is a business strategy to keep the name like that.

Chardonnay produced in different region may taste differently. If you are very particular about the region of the wine produced then, better to read the wine label carefully.

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Published May 25 2007, 10:11 AM by venki
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Venki is the founder of, wine enthusiastic, my hobby is to visit vineyards writing wine journal and appreciating new world wines.
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