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Last post 07-05-2014 5:50 PM by pyamscjeho. 0 replies.
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  • 07-05-2014 5:50 PM

    coach factory bTq6 AFKP 3AJTM

    Gu Pinzhen one, was stunned and said: Mr. Liu, said earlier that the National Revolutionary Army louis vuitton handbags ministries have carried out 8 km cross-country training, 100 in raid training, such a great strength, how to do ? Liu Xiang long laugh without a word, for a long time and said: Gu commander, stories about training, too much, after the liberation of Kunming, louis vuitton online then fine talk. Gu Pinzhen also know that now is not the time, immediately and Liu Xiang, Huang Yucheng deliberations chase matters. Tang Ji Yu was very useless, from the Zhaotong down, all the way to flee, to escape the less the more people, the more closer to escape pursuers, in the escape process, Tang Ji Yu heard the guard regiment was wiped out entire message is heard Qujing after the National Revolutionary Army occupation, the people coach factory almost paralyzed on the road.

    See Tang Ji Yu hard,louis vuitton purses, like a dreamer, Hu Ruoyu have to afford command responsibility, Hu Ruoyu had with Tang Ji Yuxiang Chong Ming County retreat. This day was Chongming County, due to the front of the case is unknown, Pathfinder side sent soldiers to go and see around two thousand pale and thin, his face dirtsoldiers, Tang Ji Yu sitting on a boulder in a guard arm. Since Jiyao these years exactions, plus leaves Quan Gu Pinzhen, who have revolted crusade, Tangjun down the already discord.

    General Chu Yu-chieh was due to a sudden attack posterior,louis vuitton outlet, Tang Jun has been to surround and annihilate the entire trend, Tang Ji Yu, Hu Ruoyu had led the evacuation of more than Tangjun Zhaotong. All the way down, the National Revolutionary Army, pour back and forth in front of Tang Jun, interspersed behind besieged people feel across the board crossfire, feel the shadow everywhere the National Revolutionary Army, after the occurrence of two large-scale blocking action in the first 4 days, Tangjun ministries appeared the whole company, the whole row escape phenomenon. Especially to the fifth day, rumors of the National Revolutionary Army preferential treatment of prisoners, prisoners can become mine workers in general, the Tangjun Shi gas is falling to the bottom, many soldiers simply stood by the roadside, waiting for the National Revolutionary Army prisoners.

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