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Scope in Winery

Last post 03-06-2008 4:38 AM by Puneet. 1 replies.
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  • 03-05-2008 9:36 PM

    Scope in Winery

    Mr. Puneet,

     Thanks for your prompt reply to me in response to my querry on

    I surely would like to continue more and would also study the material mentioned in your mail. I am presently based at Ahmedabad but I do not mind shifting my base to any place in the world, in case I get suitable placement.

    Once again thank you very much for your favourable reply.


    Raman Narang

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  • 03-06-2008 4:38 AM In reply to

    • Puneet
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    Re: Scope in Winery

    I received the following question by E-mail this week: 

    Dear Mr. Puneet Dhall,

    I am an Agricultural Engineer but now knowledge about wine making. I am in marketing of PVC pipes. It was all the time my dream to go in for some plantation/farming but could not, as the time passed I indulged in marketing.

    Now, I once again, getting strong urge to get inot some plantation or related company. I was going through wine websites and became member of your esteemed magazine.

    I would like to know, wether
     " I will have any scope to enter in winery industry at this stage i.e. not as an owner but as an employee at senior administrative level. OR I wiil have to undergo some training first and then show my skills. Being an Agricultural Engineer, it will be very easy for me to grasp the subject."

    I need your valued suggestions and guidance. I shall be highly obliged.


    Here Was my initial response:

    Many thanks for your mail.


    Given your background – I think that you will be well advanced in understanding most concepts for Grape Growing for the purpose of Winemaking. Your knowledge of soils, climate and Disease pressure will make you a valuable asset to the industry.


    There are some concepts that will be new to you for wine making i.e

    1. the requirements for low yield and high flavour concentrations per berry
    2. Specific Diseases
    3. Canopy Management and Trellising
    4. Assessing Optimal Physical Maturity

    In order to further your understanding you can do this in three ways

    1. Self learning – At your level a few choice text books will take you to an expert level – Two I would recommend are Dr Richard Smart’s Sunlight to Wine and


    2. Indian Wine Academies – such as the Gargi Institute in Nasik – which provides courses and distance learning


    3. Distance learning from Foreign wine Academies – Places of note are The Eastern Institute of Technology in New Zealand, Fresno University in Californis and The Charles Stuurt Univerity in Australia (previously Roseworthy) – All do distance learning, and of course provide on sight courses for a fee. If you want any further info on them  please don’t hesitate to ask


    Your age is no bar here, I know many people who have entered the field in there 50’s and 60’s.


    It all depends how you want to progress – If you want to do something for yourself, or assist a company already in existence that may be near you.


    Let me know your thoughts to continue this discussion



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