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  • Sula catches the urban Indian family’s imagination – The Daily Star

    Sula, which has a 70 percent share of India’s wine market, is using the vineyard visits to this end. The company says 600 to 700 day-trippers or resort guests drop by each weekend for a tour, a meal or a drink on the balcony bar. The mixed clientele on a recent Saturday suggested that wine’s appeal is...
    Posted to Weblog by anisha sharma on 01-02-2013
  • Sula’s Sovna Puri – Times of India

    Into a very niche profession of a sommelier or a wine taster, Sovna Puri is at present the marketing head of tasting and training at Sula Vineyards. She is also working as an educator of wines and conducts courses run by UK-based WSET, in Mumbai. Puri finds a certain curiosity factor around this drink...
    Posted to Weblog by anisha sharma on 11-20-2012
  • Viticulture in India – Smithsonian Blog

    Grapevines enjoy a winterless wonderland in the tropical wine country of India. That is, they would enjoy it if their keepers didn’t induce the dormancy of the deciduous vines by hacking them down each spring. “See you after the monsoon,” says the farmer to his stumped vines, and he walks away with his...
    Posted to Weblog by anisha sharma on 10-27-2012
  • Leopard spotted at Eco-friendly Sula Vineyards – Times of India

    A leopard was spotted in Sula vineyards late in the evening on Saturday following which a panchnama was done but only on Monday morning. The leopard that has been spotted in the vicinity in the past few years, is known to have done no harm to human beings neither has it destroyed fields nearby. "The...
    Posted to Weblog by anisha sharma on 10-27-2012
  • India’s first wine and food plaza proposed at Vinchur - The Times of India

    The All India Wine Producers' Association has proposed setting up of Wine Chowpatty, a wine and food plaza, at some locations in the Maharashtra and has submitted its proposal to the state government. Jagdish Holkar, chairman of Indian Grape Processing Board and president of AIWPA, said the idea...
    Posted to Weblog by anisha sharma on 05-31-2012
  • Laws to regulate winemaking and marketing in India - The Times of India

    The Indian Grape Processing Board (IGPB) plans a comprehensive legislation to regulate wine-making, to improve the standard of the industry. There will be laws regarding the manufacture of wine, quality, brand and marketing. All wine-related practices-manufacturing, agricultural, critical point analysis...
    Posted to Weblog by anisha sharma on 05-31-2012
  • An interview with Jagdish Holkar - The Times of India

    Nashik has emerged as the wine capital of India as around 50% wineries are located here. Jagdish Holkar, president, All-India Wine Producers' Association and chairman, Indian Grape Processing Board, talks about the status of the industry: Q: What are the problems faced by wineries? Holkar: There...
    Posted to Weblog by anisha sharma on 05-31-2012
  • A day at Fratelli Wines vineyards in Nashik, Maharashtra - The Hindu

    I, along with a group of journalists, at the invitation of Fratelli Wines, have arrived at their winery at Motewadi, Maharashtra. The property, designed to promote the burgeoning culture of wine tourism, is less than two years old. After an elaborate low-down on the capacity of the winery - six lakh...
    Posted to Weblog by anisha sharma on 03-29-2012
  • Learnings at Sulafest, Nashik – Forbes India

    A vineyard has lots of rose bushes at the end of the rows of grape vines. Not because they are pretty, but because rose bushes are susceptible to the same diseases that grape vines are. What’s more, the rose plants get the disease earlier, which allows the vineyard guys to take preventative action to...
    Posted to Weblog by anisha sharma on 02-08-2012
  • York winery keen on wine tourism in its Nashik vineyards - Hospitality Biz

    York Winery plans to build 25 rooms at its winery to promote wine tourism in its premises in Nashik, Maharashtra. York Winery just concluded the second edition of a day-long wine and music event, York Live, which featured musicians across a variety of new age genres and registered an attendance of around...
    Posted to Weblog by anisha sharma on 01-30-2012
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