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May 2005 - Chateau Indage Omar Khayyam

  Region:   Sahyadri Valley, India  
  Company:   Chateau Indage  
  Type:   Sparkling Wine  
  Blend:   100% Brut  
  Alcohol:   12.5% v/v  

  Wine Maker's Notes:   A fragrantly, crisp alternative to Champagne, with a degree of finesse. An ideal aperitif and a wonderful toast for those special occasions. Six times award-winner. Omar Khayyam is a fragrant 'Methode Traditionlelle' sparkling wine made from Chardonnay Ugni Blanc & Pinot Noir grapes. Has brought India on the World Wine Map.  
  Chef's Suggestions:   It is good aperitif wine and can be matched with moderate spicy Indian food.  
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